LOW Delivery Checklist

Thank you for confirming your delivery appointment! We look forward to delivering your order. In preparation for your delivery, please review this checklist to make sure you are ready to receive your order.

☐ Clear the space for your new furniture. The room must be cleared and there must be a clear pathway for the delivery crew to deliver your furniture. The crew is not permitted to move or take away any existing furniture or mattresses. Please prepare the pathway for the delivery crews by opening all doors and clearing all areas so that the delivery crews are freed from having to handle anything within your home.

☐ Be available for the entirety of the delivery window. We try to target our delivery windows as tight as possible, so we need someone to be available at any given point during the delivery arrival window. If you are unable to receive your delivery, your items will be returned to the warehouse at our J-Town location and you will very likely need to pay a re-delivery fee described below.

☐ Expect contact when the delivery crew is headed your way. The delivery team typically contacts you when they’re about 15-30 minutes away from you.

☐ Plan to inspect your furniture before the crew leaves. You need to inspect all items at the time of delivery to make sure everything is correct and in good order. If there is any issue with your furniture, ask the crew to notate it on your digital delivery paperwork.

☐ Arrange for someone to receive on your behalf if needed. If you are unable to be at the delivery appointment, we would be happy for any other authorized adult 18 years or older to receive, inspect, and sign off on your behalf.

☐ Contact the store if any follow up is needed on your order. If think there might be some problems with your order or if there are any other questions about your order, reach out! For the latest info on how to contact the store, see louisvilleoverstockwarehouse.com/contact-us

☐ Remember the handling/re-delivery fee if you need to cancel/reschedule your confirmed delivery within 48 hours of the appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule a confirmed delivery appointment, you must let us know no later than 48 before your scheduled timeframe, otherwise you will be charged a handling fee because we will have already started the process of preparing your order and allocating the resources needed for your delivery. If you do choose cancel or reschedule within 48 hours, you will need pay the handling fee before we can schedule a new delivery appointment with you.

☐ THANK YOU! We are thankful you chose Louisville Overstock Warehouse for your furniture needs. Feel free to call or text the delivery service with any delivery related questions at 502-309-9233.



  • We have instructed our delivery crews to closely self-monitor their health relating to sickness and have instructed our delivery crews to not make contact with any customers. They are very glad to be delivering furniture but will not be able to provide the typical greeting of a handshake.
  • Please maintain the recommended distance between you and the delivery crews as they bring in your order. Once they clear the space, we would still ask that you make a full inspection of your order.
  • If you do not want the delivery crew in your home, you need to inform them to leave the order product outside for you to bring in on your own.