Pickup Checklist


    • We are asking all customers to stay in their vehicles while we conduct the pick up process. Our team will do all the loading.
    • We have instructed our team members to closely self-monitor their health relating to sickness and have directed their practices in accord with CDC recommendations.
    • We have instructed our team members to not make contact with any customers according to the recommendations of the CDC, such as maintaining the recommended 6ft distance. They are very glad to be loading you with your order, but will not be able to provide the typical greeting of a handshake.
    • We will still need a signature from you verifying that you have received your order, but we are sanitizing our clipboards and pens before and after every pick up. You are welcome to sign with your own pen.
    • If you need to tie down the load of your order, we ask that you would allow us to complete the pick up process and then pull up your vehicle to tie down.
    • Please review the following items on the checklist so we can take care of you in your pick up experience!

Thanks again for your purchase with us and we look forward to seeing you when you come to pick up. Before coming to pick up, please review this checklist to make sure you are ready for our pickup process.

☐ Bring tie-downs if needed. If you will need to secure the product in your vehicle, make sure you bring your own tie-downs. We don’t have any.

☐ Bring padding and protection for your order and vehicle if needed. If you’re purchasing anything out of the packaging like a floor model or clearance item, make sure you bring materials to protect the furniture and your vehicle. We might have some extra cardboard or plastic, but it’s no guarantee. We try to keep our warehouse as clean as possible.

☐ Inspect order if needed. If your vehicle is a rental or you’re traveling a long distance, you are welcome to inspect the order at the dock. Please try to let us know ahead of time so that we can prepare. Remember that if there’s any issue with your product that’s approved for a return or exchange through the claims process, it’s your responsibility to bring the item back to our warehouse.

☐ Plan for help if needed. We are happy for our warehouse team to help load your order into your vehicle. They will be as careful as possible, but they are not able to tie down your order and they are not liable for the vehicle when loading or liable for the product once it’s in your possession. So plan to bring help if you think you might need it.

☐ Please arrive during your appointment window. We will do our best to have your order pulled and ready for loading.

☐ Consider the weather. New furniture is packaged in cardboard and/or plastic but is NOT waterproof. We sometimes have extra plastic available, but cannot guarantee it. If the weather is threatening and your not comfortable transporting your furniture, please reschedule your appointment via the confirmation link you received when you booked your appointment.

☐ You’re all set! We can’t wait for you to begin enjoying your purchase and look forward to seeing you soon!